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Managed IT Services

We've developed a range of IT
support services that can take
care of as much, or as little, of
your IT needs as you like.

Our Managed IT Services are designed to suit small to medium business as well as large multiple-location companies. APACMS can deliver you a fully functional IT Department without the associated high costs. Managed IT Services can include Unlimited Technical Support, Guaranteed Response Times, Monitoring and Maintenance and Pro-Active Resolution of Technical Issues.

APACMS provides an end-to-end solution from small to medium enterprise level ICT Network Infrastructure Management. Our solution consists of a multi-tiered customised maintenance and a support plan specifically designed and catered for your company environment.


    • Real-time 24x7 Network Monitoring
      Pro-active Network Monitoring allows us to monitor your business's key services such as, E-mail, Web, ERP, CRM and much more, then quickly and effectively act on a resolution before staff realise a problem. Our specialists personally review system activity reports, including broadband connectivity, critical server error messages, performance, availability and take immediate action to minimize downtime within your organisation. Daily, Weekly or Monthly reports can be sent directly to your e-mail for your personal reference.


    • Proactive Server Maintenance
      Server Maintenance helps to improve the stability and security of your systems through efficiently resolving any issues discovered during the maintenance checklist. Most of the time server maintenance tasks can be performed remotely, this reduces disruption to staff and other services. We utilise the appropriate mix of best practices and trusted technologies to ensure you get the most out of your IT investment and to keep your IT systems up and running.


    • Sydney IT Support Centre
      Each time you call our Sydney support centre you will always speak with highly trained and skilled personnel. Our support technicians are qualified to address all the IT needs of a small to medium sized business. Our Sydney IT support centre stays open long after normal working hours, giving your business the IT support they need, whenever they need.


    • Backup Systems & Procedures
      Notoriously complex and failure-prone in nature, we eliminate this headache through comprehensive IT backup support services. We will ensure that your backup systems are operational and your backup jobs are completed on schedule. We will also perform scheduled backup restorations to confirm the backed up data is restorable, should the unfortunate event arise.


    • Disaster Recovery & Planning
      An appropriate disaster recovery plan is imperative to help ensure that you don't lose critical data in the event of a disaster. Our experts will help you implement the appropriate policies, procedures and technologies to protect your business's IT assets.


    • IT Assessment Planning & Forecasting
      Get expert IT advice when you require. At regular intervals we will review your systems and make recommendations based upon capacity requirements, load peaks, potential bottlenecks, overall performance and more. As your business changes, we should change with you.


    • Patch Management
      As part of a Managed IT Service we also provide your organisation with sound patch management processes. From time to time your systems will require security and software update patches to help keep your IT systems vulnerability free and in peak running performance. We proactively run reports on network vulnerabilities and attempt to remediate any threats discovered in the most efficient way possible without disturbing your employees.