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Real Estate IT Support

APACMS offer IT support services to many industries throughout Sydney, including the Real Estate industry. We already offer IT support services and other computer networking services to a number of Real Estate agents and firms within the Sydney areas. Our company have years of IT support experience in the many different types of Real Estate software today, these being Console, Real Base Palace, Lord MAX, RP Data, Property Pro and Rockend's REST, STRATA Master and File Smart.

We understand that real estate and property management software vendors like to release frequent updates to help secure, improve performance and extend the functionality of their applications. We also understand how disruptive these much needed software updates can be to your business and should anything go wrong during the upgrade process, it could cause your entire office to become completely unproductive.

APACMS have ascertained the complex skills and IT support knowledge requirements associated to these applications through our 10+ years of setup, configuration and upgrading experience. We ensure that upgrades are performed with absolute minimal disruption to you and your office and that your systems are set up correctly the first time so they operate trouble free for as long as possible.

Due to the numberous years of IT support and computer networking services our Sydney clients have received, we are also able to confirm and correct any poor setup or miss-configuration of your current IT infrastructure and business applications.

In addition, APACMS are not a set and forget IT support provider, we like to make sure our clients are happy with the setup and that all systems are functioning properly as expected. If you feel that your current IT support are not giving enough to keep your business IT systems operating smoothly, let us know so we can arrange a free IT audit to help you to locate the areas of dysfunction.


Some of the Real Estate software we support

  • Console Gateway
  • fileSMART - Property Management
  • PropertyTree
  • REST Professional
  • fileSMART - Strata
  • STRATA Master
  • RockendSMS